The Bolt Cutter

The Bolt Cutter

A couple of days ago Sara found a 14-inch bolt cutter in the alley behind our fence. When our son Monte saw it, he suspected it was a crime tool.

Later a young man came walking through the alley, looking for something. Monte got footage of him on his camera. He left, but then returned 30-45 minutes later for a closer inspection.

Monte asked him, “May I help you?” “Yeah,” he said, “I was walking along here last night, and I lost….(pause)….my earpiece.” Monte figured he dropped the tool when he saw the police car parked nearby.

If he really was up to no good, it would be interesting to know his background. What kind of home was he raised in? Why did he choose this way of life? Is he into drugs?

I’d also be curious to know how that young man would respond to these questions:

1) How would you feel if someone broke into your car? (Matt. 7:12; Rom. 13:9-10)

2) How does it feel to be always on the lookout for the cops? (Prov. 23:1)

3) Do you think you can keep doing this and never get caught? (Num. 32:23)

4) If you end up in jail, would it be worth it? (Prov. 14:14a)

5) Would you be ok with having your mug shot in the newspaper? (Jer. 2:26)

6) How would your family feel about visiting you in jail? (Prov. 10:1; 17:21, 25; 29:15)

7) Let’s say you make it to your 70th birthday. Will you look back on your life and feel good about your choices? (Isa. 3:10-11)

8) Would you be interested in learning about a better way of life? (1 Cor. 6:9-11; Eph. 4:28)

When Philip Taylor found a wallet in a store, he turned it in. “I’m a Christian,” he said, “and though I have financial concerns, I have a higher authority to account to” (Reader’s Digest, Dec. 1995, p. 51).

Good for you, Philip! There’s a young man I’d like you to meet….

--David Gibson